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that if I just do things right, then things will get better."I hear this over and over from my clients: "If I just do things right, then things will get better."But they won’t, because Jennifer is not the cause of Jake’s abusive behavior and has no control over it, and Jake has no
intention of changing."Jennifer," I asked, "What would you do if you were 100% certain that you were not the cause of Jake’s abusive behavior and that there was nothing you could do about it? What if this is the way he is and that he has no intention of changing?""Then I would leave.""So what is stopping you from leaving is that you believe that you can do something about it?""Yes. He can be so charming at times. So I think that if I do it right, he will stop drinking and be his charming self.""Jennifer, not knowing Jake at all, I
cannot diagnose him, but he sounds like he may have a condition known as Borderline Personality Disorder."

percentage is an impressive 50.9 percent, and her hitting percentage is .396. Add to that 1,264 career digs, and a 92 percent career serving percentage. But her leadership was likely her greatest asset in 2014. "Alexa’s teammates love playing with her because she is such an innately gifted leader who has guided them to play selflessly by playing for one another," said Odenbaugh. "Never did Alexa seek the limelight or consider herself the ‘star" of the team. "She simply exudes a grace and confidence on the court that is admired by almost everyone, both players and coaches alike. The passion that she exhibited ignited our team’s success. She will certainly be missed at L P as she will graduate as the most gifted athlete ever to have played for our school." Coach of the Year Susan Odenbaugh, Lewis Palmer Odenbaugh has been coaching for 32 years, the last 13 as head coach at Lewis Palmer. She said her team’s depth, work ethic and dedication keyed the dream national

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