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grated cheddar or Parmigiano Reggiano on steamed florets and pop them under the broiler to melt and brown the cheese. Dress warm florets with olive oil, lemon juice and its zest, Dijon mustard, crushed fresh garlic, and marjoram, plus some chopped cured black olives, capers, or mashed anchovy. Open triumphGolfers give bad reviews of Chambers Bay course, USGA says it’s just fineCool Seattle places off the tourist pathNine time major winner Gary Player calls Chambers Bay a ‘tragedy’Commuters: Seattle area traffic stinks, but we’d rather drive alone Cauliflower is starchy. You can mash or pure it like potatoes, but it has fewer carbs and calories. Shredded or finely chopped cauliflower can be simmered in water or stock and prepared as you would rice or couscous. As with many cruciferous vegetables, roasting or sauting cauliflower deepens its flavor. Instead of florets, try cutting the whole head into half inch thick slices, as chef Walter Edward does at Tallulah’s on Capitol Hill for Caramelized Cauliflower with

yet that he intends to run for president. Bush’s remarks drew a rebuke from Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a fellow South Floridian, who accused the former governor of trying to "put America down." "I’ll put the Obama record of foreign policy leadership against the Bush record any day of the week," she said in a written statement. has prioritized combating climate change by working with China and other partners, keeping America safe by killing Osama bin Laden and leading a coalition to defeat ISIS, and restoring our standing
with our allies after the disastrous foreign policy blunders of the George W. Bush administration." Wasserman Schultz’s criticisms highlight what will likely be a recurring theme on the campaign trail if Bush announces his candidacy. Democrats plan to tie him as closely as possible to his unpopular brother.
Senate. Bush said relatively little about his brother or his father in the speech. He spent far more time talking about President

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Articles Connexes:

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