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different if the company had not been sold. "If we would have stayed independent, there would have been a reason for a lot of those people to stay there," Stoppelman said. "It would have been adventure to take it from $1 billion to $30 billion." Instead, PayPal alumni formed a financial and idea network that was at once supportive and competitive. "I think the biggest value is the brain trust and getting advice from people," Sacks said. "The talent network is also just as important as the
money." Consider this tale of PayPal serendipity. Several years ago, while Rabois was working at LinkedIn, he attended a barbecue in the backyard of Mike Greenfield, a PayPal alum who was also at LinkedIn. Rabois bumped into former PayPal colleague Karim, and
they started chatting about their new projects. Karim described a new company he had co founded that would allow people to post videos online. Rabois listened for about 30 seconds before asking Karim: "Can I invest?" A few

Defrazzle Your Finances You can’t live with it, you can’t live without it. No matter how hard you try, there’s never enough. The only thing increasing in your bank account is your debt, and you’re beyond understanding how to make ends meet. Is that how you feel? Well, there’s no need. Getting on an even footing with finances is hard, but not impossible, when you take small steps. You didn’t get there overnight; you won’t get out of it overnight. It doesn’t have to be painful " in fact, you’ll be more successful if you make a game of it. Here’s how to get started: figure out, approximately, how much you spend in a week on incidentals coffee, a magazine, new cosmetics, etc. Just keep your sales slips for in your purse and add them up at the end of the week. This is not grocery money, car payments, etc.; this is just incidentals " things that you can live without if you TMre desperate! When you have that amount " say it’s $30.00 " take that much out of the bank the following week, and see how

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Articles Connexes:

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