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The Dangerous Disconnect Between Rhetoric and Reality at a Time of Crisis BP flawed handling of the environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico is creating an
identity crisis for the company. The gap between its stated commitment to environmental responsibility and its slow and stumbling reaction to the oil spill disaster exposes its top management as tone deaf and seemingly indifferent to the deep damage being done to the company brand. Two management professors Hamid Bouchikhi of the ESSEC Business School in France and John R. Kimberly of the Wharton School wrote about BP equally faulty treatment of the 2005 explosion at the Texas City, Texas refinery in their book, The Soul of the Corporation: How to Manage the Identity of Your Company. Now they offer six steps that BP should have taken this time around to mitigate the damage and that other companies should consider when it their turn to cope with crisis. Its logo implies beauty, sunshine, a concern for and a love of nature. However, the recent events off the

lymphoma, testicular and prostate cancer, sarcoma and leukemia. Hill’s law would also compare the potential hazards in crumb rubber turf surfaces with those made of alternative
materials such as coconut fibers, rice husks, cork and used shoes. Results of the studies would be posted on the Environmental Health Assessment office’s website by July 1, 2017. Public and private schools and local governments would be banned from installing new synthetic turf fields and playground surfaces until Jan. 1, 2018. Costs for the studies would come from the California Tire Recycling Management Fund, which subsidizes programs related to waste tire disposal. If passed, the law would also require a comparison of infection rates between athletes who played on artificial and those on natural turf, which the 2010 research did not conduct. The 2010 study did examine bacteria at five artificial and two natural turf fields in the Bay Area. The artificial turf yielded from four to 10 different species of bacteria per field, compared to

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Articles Connexes:

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